New year, new you……Right?

1/1/18 and a Monday, the holy grail of starting over.  My guess is you started on your new year, new you and you are crushing it so far! 24 hours in a rocking and rolling nothing is gonna stop you!

Looking at the month in front of you what do you have planned that could be a set back? The holidays are over you are in the clear!  No more work parties! But shit the Vikings playoff game is in 2 weeks and the college football national championship is in there and you have tickets to a wild game!

3 challenges to stay committed to your goals over the next 2 weeks and that doesn’t even include any of the random life shit that is going to pop up.  Sticking to your goals is easy when its convenient.  What are you going to do when  its not convenient to stay on track for your goals?  What are you going to do when its not easy?  What are you going to do different when every few weeks you come across obstacles that are going to get you off track?

The people that are successful with reaching fitness goals know that their are going to be obstacles and plan for them.  I want to help you plan for those obstacles and how to over come them.

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