What’s your plan?

New years resolutioners mount up! (Warren G Voice)

It is almost that time where the gym will be the busiest place in the country for about 3 weeks.  Than its back to normal.  If you are reading this and you plan to start a new program, I want you to add to the gym population now and also in May.  I want you to have success working on your goals.

Most of the problems people run into is when progress stops.  Tell me if this is you…. You do really good the 1st week of January and lose 3-5 lbs.  The next week you lose 2 lbs the 3rd week you lose a pound, 4th week nothing, 5th week you gain 4 lbs back because you over did it on the Super Bowl.  Monday after the Super Bowl you are exhausted and cranky, so we skip Monday and the next thing you know its Memorial Day and you are 3 lbs heavier than you were at Christmas.

How do we get back on track after set backs?  By planning that they are going to happen and not avoiding them.  Unless you have a goal that says you have to weigh this much by this date or you cannot compete there is no reason to miss out on life’s adventures.  Planning on how to get back on track could be your ticket to success.

That is what I want to help you do is plan for the expected “eating like an asshole” moments and how to get back on track after.  How to get back to the gym after a few unexpected days off.

I have a Facebook group with hundreds of people just like you who share their struggles, tips, success and setbacks.  Its truly a fun place to hang out and stay accountable.

“We Do the Work” is the name of the group.  Join us you wont be disappointed.

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