I hired Ray because it’s clear he was meant to be a coach. You know when you meet someone and they are just IN their element – that’s Ray when he’s training you.
If you’re like me and you’ve experienced personal trainers distracted by their phones, talking to other people, leaving their clients to work on through their sets on their own, or (the worst offense) wasting time walking to and from equipment and all over the gym between sets – you might never want to hire someone again!
When you work 1:1 with Ray, you’ll get undivided attention and an excellent workout. You’ll bust your butt for your session but there will be no wasted time. He will focus on building your confidence through movements you like and excel at, but include exercises that will remedy your weaknesses – and even though you hate it, you know you need it. He’s supportive, encouraging and remains passionate about all things performance and movement progression so you know you are getting the most effective exercises in the time spent with him.
I am so excited to continue working with Ray!
Emily F. MPH, RD, LD



Prior to working with Ray I had been consistently (4-5x week) doing cardio and cardio strength classes for more than a year. My results were good but I didn’t feel like I was getting where I wanted to be.

After training with Ray for just two months I started seeing noticeable results. I was doing double takes when I was in front of a mirror. My arms were finally getting toned, my abs were getting noticeably flatter, and my legs looked and felt strong. Seeing these changes kept me motivated and continuing to push myself because now I knew I could achieve the results I had envisioned for years.

Ray changed my focus and my mindset regarding strength training. He was able to get me to understand the importance of it and how shifting more of my focus and workouts to strength training not only would have short and long term health benefits but also would help me achieve my fitness goals quicker. Each workout Ray explains why we are doing each exercise and points out where I should and should not feel the movement. He watches and corrects form to ensure I am getting the most out of each move. And he really pushes me to push myself.

Ray is unique in that he finds that way that works to motivate you personally. He does not take a one size fits all approach. He is passionate about helping me achieve my goals and it shows in his enthusiasm and support at each workout.


Lisa S



It has never been more clear to me after working with Ray for over a year now how much I needed sincere, point blank, 10001% accountability regarding my overall health and fitness.  Ray has taught me something that has trickled into literally every part of my life – that there are NO EXCUSES to not achieving what you set out to do.  It is extremely hard to take in, and I have had definite battles with Ray about this – but when it finally is understood,  it is life changing.  Ray has taught me how to dig deep – and believe me, I thought I was already queen master of digging deep.  Ray is someone I can put 100% of my trust in and truly know, without a doubt, that I will succeed with his guidance.  Ray has opened my world up with new and refreshing goals that I never (in a million years) thought I would even consider, and it is so exciting.  He is an exceptional coach, trainer, and friend, and I would recommend him to absolutely anyone….and do

Jessica F CPT

I chose to do online training due to the ease of doing workouts when they were convenient for me. I’m someone who likes to change their workout schedule quite a bit. As I have a pretty good knowledge of body mechanics and anatomy, so I felt confident in my ability to replicate the exercises given to me in a safe way. But when I’m unsure, the videos are super helpful and Ray is always there to answer questions and provide guidance (sometimes mid workout!). After a few months of online training I started doing online nutrition and the results have been amazing. With Ray’s guidance, I’ve been able to lose 25 pounds!! He gives suggestions and positive encouragement when I need it, without feeling like he is controlling everything I eat. Flexible dieting has been a complete game changer for me. Overall I’m so grateful that Ray has provided an easy and convenient way to do training! Not to mention affordable. I wouldn’t do training any other way- it’s been a great option and I’m thankful to have someone who is knowledgable, motivating, and caring on my team.

Tina L-Occupational Therapist


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