Every football coach in America has developed this mindset.  Win the week.  What happened in the past doesn’t matter and what happens next week does not matter.  We just need to win this week.

Lets bring this to the fitness world and look at it like winning the day.  Can you win today? Yes of course you can its only one single day.  No, well shit that’s ok too because its one day of 365.  When you wake up tomorrow go 1-0 tomorrow.

Losing fat, gaining muscle, tracking macros, sleeping, drinking water, taking supplements, being a good husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend, etc it all takes work.

Somethings we need to win every minute to get through an hour that will help us get through the day.  The process is the exact same, when you get overwhelmed by looking 6 months down the road, ask your self the question…..Can I win this minute?  Everyone can win the minute.  Rack those minutes into hours, hours into days, days to weeks, weeks to months, with all that winning you have no choice but to succeed.



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