What changes when you lose…

A lot, most of it is subtle but you notice it.   I have lost 30 pounds to date.  Here is somethings I have noticed how others treat me and how I treat myself.

  1. My client base has increased 30% roughly but my ability has not changed.  I know this a direct response to looking the part.
  2. Comments that are well intentioned but feel like a gut punch, “You look skinny.” “You are wasting away to nothing.”  “Did you start running?”
  3. Constant questioning, “Can you eat that?” “That has carbs are you cheating on your diet?” “Your wife must hate you losing weight?”
  4. Constant questioning, “How do you do it? I have no will power”  “Did you just start doing cardio, I know you lift a lot?” “Low carb, eh?!?!”
  5. Constant Question, “Man, you look great how’d you do it?” “Do you think I can do this knowing my work schedule?” “How do I get started?”
  6. My opinion is listened to and taken seriously on subjects.
  7. I take myself more seriously.
  8. I don’t stick my finger in the bottom of my shirt to pull it away from my belly anymore.
  9. I don’t sabotage myself in my goals anymore.
  10. I’m 900% more confident in myself.
  11. I’ve become more empathic to others struggling to reach their fitness goals.
  12. People love to see you fail.
  13. No one cares you are dieting and I know I was annoying when talking about my fitness goals and probably will continue to be annoying.
  14. I am finally being about it instead of just talking about it


Its as simple as asking for help than going from there.


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