Whats Next?

Travis is all jacked up to get fit AF.

He went to Dicks and dropped a grand on new workout gear…look good, feel good, lift good!  He went to http://www.1stphorm.com/raylaw and bought every supplement known to man.

Travis is set, he rolls into the gym in his Metcon 3’s and head to toe, matching Nike gear.  Its Monday of course so its Bench day.  Travis starts benching and is motivated as all get out.  Rep after rep, set after set, Travis is putting in some serious work.  After about 90 minutes of pure chest annihilation.  Travis takes his still motivated ass to the StairMaster for 45 minutes.   After his 2+ hour workout Travis slams his protein shake and heads home.

“Honey! I crushed it! I lifted and did the stairs.  I told ya I would do it this time!” Travis proudly exclaims as he heads to the shower.

Meanwhile, Marie is on the phone with her sister, “Oh that was Travis coming home from the gym for the first time since last year.  He was yelling about how excited he was, he did the same thing last year but than woke up the next day and couldn’t move.”  In her head she knows this is the beginning of the end of Travis’s new workout routine.


How many of you have fallen into the same trap as Travis?  Starting with the best of intentions busting ass but then falling and not knowing how to get up?  Its frustrating being motivated but not knowing how to move forward or even where to start.   That is why starting on September 17th, 2017.  I am running a 90 day challenge to help you get to your goals.  Its complimentary, whatever support I can give you via email, text, carrier pigeon, etc I will.  Whatever your health and wellness goal is, I will be there for you.


Email me creativeresultsfitness@gmail.com by 9/12/17 to be apart

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