What it takes?

Its been 4 months since I last wrote.  I get in moods where I want to write and moods where I don’t want to write….I need to be more disciplined with my writing.

This blog will be a rambling of thoughts but I think will provide some value for someone.

Part 1-Personal Training

When I talk to personal trainers whether they are on my team (11 trainers ) I constantly keep on them about doing the little things every single day.   Doing the right things every single day will pay of down the road.  It will not be immediate but the pay off will be there if you do it every day…..BUT… YOU HAVE TO DO IT EVERYDAY…not just when you want to.  Helping that elderly woman use the treadmill for the 73rd time, picking up after the smelly dude who never puts his shit away, educating that girl who comes in and does 2-3 hours of cardio everyday or cleaning someones piss off the toilet seat in the bathroom.

Being a personal trainer is a super rewarding job if you do it right.  Thats the big thing the job FUCKING SUCKS if you aren’t doing it for the right reason.  I have been there, when I was with LA FITNESS I hated training people.  The reason?  All I cared about was the next sale not the person in front of me.  I apologize to those who worked with me during that time.  Personal training became fun again within the last 18 months, the reason….MY INTENT.

My intention now is to help as many people as humanly possible live a life that they want to live.  The life the really want.  I have talked about this but I will say it again.  If you are not 100% comfortable with how you look and your ability to do things no matter how many affirmations you tell yourself, you will never be happy.  If someone tells you otherwise they are lying.

But I need to be better,  I need to reach more people I need to help my team reach more people, I need to step up my game.  Because what got my team to this point won’t get them to the next point if I don’t change.  In personal training if your clients are not bringing you referrals hand over fist….. YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB AS A TRAINER.

What got you 20 clients won’t get you 40 clients.

Part 2 Personal Fitness

What does it take to reach your goals?

I have literally talked to over 5000 over the last 5 years about health and fitness goals.  I have struggled with my own health and fitness goals over the last 5 years only in the last 18 months have I kinda of figured it out.

Your goals are 100% your responsibility and not a single other person is responsible for your success or your failures.   It the person that looks back at you in the mirror at the end of the day that determines if you reach your goals and when you accept this as truth that is when progress is truly made.  I have seen this process repeat its self over and over.  Sure it helps to have supportive people in your life but thats a minor factor in your success.

Its not your spouses fault that they order desert and you don’t have the discipline to not.  Its not your kids fault they have soccer practice, homework and thats why “your too busy” to exercise.  Too busy means “its not a priority”.  Thats ok if thats where you are at just own it though and stop making excuses or blaming other people.  Take ownership.

My friend JP Dinnell said it best, “You can make excuses or you can make things happen.  You can’t do both”

It’s time to make things happen

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