Role Modeling

Who are you in your world?  Mirror, relationship, family, coworker, community,etc?

Do you take responsibility for your health and your actions or do you blame others?  Do you say you want your children to grow up with a healthy lifestyle but you refuse to take ownership of your own lifestyle?

As a new parent (13 months) I know my daughter is already mimicking my behaviors its only going to get more and more prevalent as she ages.  I’ve talked about it before I will never let my daughter hear me bitch about my weight, food choices, my workouts and most importantly when things get hard I will show her how to fight and not quit.  Obstacles come up I get that but does that mean we give up all together on everything we have been working towards no, it means we just need to regroup and move forward.  If you quit you are showing your kids its ok to quit when things get tough.

Also “teach your child to love themselves” if you know about true love you know its about doing whats best for what you love.  Not exercising and eating like an asshole isn’t loving yourself.  So why start teaching these behaviors to your child? Would it be easier to pick up Suttie some shit snack of a kids meal at McDonalds yes, is it ok from a health stand point no.  I have learned something in these last 13 months that I thought I knew before but now I really know now….. its not about me.  You can’t raise great little people and be selfish.  The easy way never pays off in the long run.

My point is how can I expect greatness from her, if Jolene and myself don’t role model the behaviors required to be successful.

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