Daddy Day Care Savior

Daycare vacation for Sutton, so I took some FMLA from Redbrick Health to stay home and take care of my girl.  This week was incredible to say the least! We went on adventures and played hard!  I also continued to work hard with Creative Results Clients….here is a snap shot of the days!


4:30am Alarm goes off for morning training clients
7am-4pm Feeding, diapers, playtime, adventures, nap, repeat
4:30pm-6pm My training because I have goals still and I’m not just a Dad
6:30pm-8pm Reflexive Performance Reset sessions
8:30pm holy shit it’s 8:30 and I gotta do it all again tomorrow.

C-21 to the rescue to help me unwind and relax so I can get a good nights sleep and come back and crush it tomorrow. Sleep is the one thing I refuse to cut back on because of the shit storm that happens to me when I only get 5-6 hours. Being a new Dad this has been a struggle but C-21 has always been there for me.

Take a look



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