When you’ve tried everything

Heres a story how Flexible dieting changed my life.

I grew up always being a little over weight and obsessed with strength training.  I would write my dad workouts when I was 10.  Maybe he did them, maybe he didn’t, but I was hooked on strength training and helping people reach their goals.

You name it, I’ve done it: Low carb, south beach, high fat, low cal, clean foods, fasting, carb backloading, carb nights, clean eating, etc. You get the picture, I have done legit everything but weight watchers. Problem is, is that I have never reached my own goals, so who am I to give people advice on diet and exercise?  I always started but never followed through with what I started.  January of this year, I was about to be a dad, and enough was enough…it was time to be about it.

Flexible dieting, or IIFYM, was a concept that I thought was full of shit. “How can ‘I eat what I want as long as it ‘fits’ my macros’ and still lose weight?”  You’ve seen it on Instagram, #fitpro walking around with abs 24/7, crushing pancakes daily, and making it seem effortless.  Are they full of shit or are they on to something?

They are on to something. I dove head first into macro tracking since January 16th, 2017.  I am down 35lbs and currently reversing out of my diet and working on gaining lean mass.  I haven’t “cheated” on my diet because there’s no need to cheat! I eat Rice Krispy Treats daily as part of my plan, I have toast with butter as part of my breakfast, and we grill hamburgers with buns every week.  It is hard to get used to for me.  Planning is key.  The night before, I have my plan for the next day and execute.  If something goes sideways, that’s were flexibility helps!

It’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and fluffy unicorns though.  When we are trying to lose body fat, we need to lose energy somewhere.  Carbs and fat are the energy sources we can cut to help lose body fat. When we do this, our body gives us the middle finger by making us hungry, causing cravings, and saying, “Hold on here, buddy,” by making us more sore from workouts, giving us less energy to do things throughout the day, etc.   So there is still work that needs to be done.   But the method works and has worked flawlessly for me.  If you haven’t given flexible dieting a shot, please reach out to me and I can help you get started.

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