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Fountain or Drain

Well when it comes to being a friend or spouse which one are you?  Do you drain your significant others confidence and momentum or are you a fountain of encouragement and positivity? (I, my & me do not refer directly to me but to the person working on their goals) Ask yourself that and be…

What is a “Macro”?

Conversations with potential new client…. Ray, “Are you tracking macros?” Client, “Um…Uh…I don’t know what a macro is…” Ray, “Oh.” Sometimes I forget that not everyone lives in the world that I live in.  I need to get better at not assuming every knows the basics. Macro-nutrients aka macros, in simplest terms is what gives us…

Workout of the Week

Every Wednesday I will post a workout that can be done with little to no equipment!

Hotel, campground, kitchen, backyard your options are unlimited with these workouts!

Here is the first one:

  1. 15 Bodyweight Squats
  2. 15 second hollow body hold
  3. 15 Reverse Lunges
  4. 15 Side lunges
  5. 15 push ups (regular, knees, counter top)
  6. 15 second arch hold

Rest 1 minute repeat 2-5 times depending on your fitness level!