I guess I am a Runner

Its been a minute since I have wrote on here so heres an update on life.  I have turned into a full fledged runner.  I have shoes for long runs and speed workouts.  I have shoes for trail runs over 10 miles and shoes I wear for under 10 miles on the trail.  I have 3 different hydration vests (3rd one is my favorite).

Training for a marathon, a 50 miler and a 100 miler is a part time job that I pay to do. Who would have thought how much I enjoy running?  Sure as shit didn’t think I would love it this much!

Todays training calls for a 18 mile road workout followed by an hour hike with a blister the size of a quarter on my right heel.  Its always my right heel that gets blisters….this is annoying.  My new strategy to deal with this is just let it hurt and hope eventually it will turn into a callous…..I mean thats how I handle most pain, deal with it until you’ve adapted to it.  Mental health or physical health callouses solve everything.

Ok now for the run deets:

Pre Run Meal:

1 scoop Level-1 in coffee: Yummy Coffee Mix

2 Slices Daves Killer Bread

3 Tablespoons of Strawberry Jam

3 slices Bacon

Macros: 87 Carbs, 12 Fat, 40 Protein


During Run:

1 Gu, Pineapple is my new jam 25g of carbs

2 scoops of Intraformance in 32oz water : Go Go Fuel!


I will sip on the Intraformance during the run and have the gu around an hour in.  I am playing with under fueling during training so I can get used to running uncomfortable in a low fueled state.   This could be a bad idea but fingers crossed!

So in wrapping up today, I am a runner now and have maintained 80lbs of weight loss for over a year.

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