10 weeks in

Alright folks we are 10 weeks into the New Year, holy man does time fly.  How are we doing with those New Years resolutions? Are you smoke free?  Down 10lbs? Still going to the gym 3 days a week? Not eating like an asshole?  I hope you are reaching all your goals and then some!

A quick scan through the Facebook shows me some of the people I saw make posts between 12/26/17 and 1/2/18, about how 2016 was the warm up, 2017 was the practice and 2018 is game time have fallen off hard based on pictures and posts.  I’m sure they have the best of intentions when they start and they started off like a bat out of hell.  They were going to the gym 3-4x a week (checked-in and selfie game was strong), doing a cleanse, clean eating, whole 30, some other thing or being vegan for a week.  They proudly posted about their new lifestyle and who can blame them?  They were doing something new and exciting.  They were motivated and now 10 weeks in where are they?

Some people fell off because of watching a football game with friends and couldn’t say no to beers, pizza and chips.  Monday rolls around they are tired and feel like shit for eating and drinking all day Sunday watching the Vikings lose and fall into the, “I’ll start tomorrow again.” and tomorrow never comes.

Some had life happen and truly got super busy for a few days.  They would push of the gym till the afternoon than the evening than to tomorrow and repeat. Meal prepping stopped because grocery shopping stopped because of how busy they got.  So fast food and eating out became the norm again.

A lot of people bust their ass, sweating it out for hours at the gym, eating as well as they think they should and lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks but think it should be double that and get frustrated than quit.  It took a year to put on that 30 pounds but think it should come off in 5 weeks.

If you started and stopped already.  Start over TODAY not TOMORROW.  We still have 42 weeks to kick ass this year and reach your goals.  If you haven’t stopped yet guess what, you are starting to develop discipline in your health and wellness.  That will carry you further than any amount of motivation ever could.  Keep PUSHING!


If you need help heres the place:  Goals Help!

Completely free, you get the support of 100s of people in the Facebook group “We Do the Work”, free help from me, and the full support of 1stPhorm.  The help is free, all you need to do is the work.

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