The go to when there is no time

Jimmin Christmas this parenting, working, working out, husband, friend thing is a difficult journey to navigate!  Somewhere in there you need to sleep and hangout with your better half and all the other things that life requires.

We try to food prep about 90% of our food on Sundays to be as prepared as we can be with food for the week to eliminate that obstacle.  But shit happens and when it does 1st Phorm  Level-1 protein is always on hand, when I mean always on hand I mean I have a jug of it with a shaker bottle in my truck.  Level-1 is a sustained assimilating protein which means it acts more like “real” food in your body.

Getting whole foods is always the goal for me to get my protein in but theres times when its just not feasible. Running around between picking up Suttie at daycare and getting back to work and still having to make time to eat.  There was no time to heat up what we had prepped so it was a shake and some fruit for my mid afternoon snack.  I could have swung through a drive through to get some food but the goal is NO DADBOD.

Level-1 with Free shipping

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