Client of the Week

Tell us about yourself:

1) Jennifer Gionfriddo (G-ON-FRITO) originally from Eden Prairie. Live in Chaska with my husband Jason and our beautiful blended family Allianna(14), Catarina (12), Vincent (8), Megan (8), and our bird Laguna, dog Isabelle, guinea pig Dash, bearded dragon Spikey. I work as a Data Governance Director at Optum in Eden Prairie and am currently a student at NorthCentral University finishing a PhD in Psychology. Love to read, spend time with my hubby, and engage in whatever activity my kids will let me participate in – currently skating and puzzles (“Mom” is NOT COOL so I am happy whenever they let me tag along)

What are some of your fitness goals?

2) I have been obsessed with fitness for 6+ years and really want to “take it to the next level” and find a program that works, is fun and gets me shredded. I like to keep up with these kids and it takes some strength and endurance since they can be rowdy.
Whats your why?
3) My why is my kids and myself. There are so many things goals in life worth reaching but so many rely on external factors beyond my control. My body, my choice, and this accomplishment I can see everyday and know if nothing else, today I can succeed at this!
What made you choose Creative Results Fitness?
4) Ummmm….Jolene’s smoking hot bikini pic. AND the fact that I have worked with SEVERAL other coaches who have kept me a bit in the dark, never fully answered my questions and always felt like cheerleaders even though results were not coming. Ray is direct, honest, ALWAYS available, and has an reason for everything he tells me to do. I like that especially being the type of person I am. I question everything and I need reasons. Plus Ray lets me eat mac and cheese and waffles!
Whats your favorite 1stPhorm product and why?
5) I like the protein(Phormula-1) and ignition because I am rarely sore if ever when I use it and it tastes good in water.

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