Fitness, Food and Time

When talking about fitness and nutrition with most people, the biggest issue I here time and again is, “Ray, I don’t have time to workout or meal prep.”  Hey I get it you are busy and you have 236 things on your daily to do list.  Here’s an exercise I like to do with people to figure out where your time is going.

  1. There are 168 hours a week and everyone is playing with this same number to start.
  2. Lets assume you sleep 8 hours a night. So 56 hours of the week are gone right away.  You are left with 112 hours.
  3. Lets assume you work 44 hours a week which is about average in America.  Lets toss in 3 hours everyday for commuting and getting ready.  So 59 hours a week for work stuff.  You are left with 53 hours per week.
  4. Kids homework, cleaning, cooking at night, laundry, etc all the shit. Lets say 3 hours a day for a total of 21 hours a week. Some days its 30 minutes some days its 5 hours at a hockey tourney.  You get the point….I hope.  You are left with 32 hours a week.
  5. Figure out what the hell you are doing with those 32 hours a week.
  6. Meal Prep+Grocery shopping maybe takes 3 hours, 1 day a week.  Go read my wife’s blog about it.   Meal Prep 101 & Meal Planning  You are left with 29 hours.
  7. In the beginning of your fitness journey, you really only need to exercise about 30 minutes a day every other day.  So 2 hours total, lets assume you drive 15 minutes each way to the gym and need to shower after.  So 8 hours a week.  You are left with 21 hours each week
  8. You’re welcome for finding you 21 hours of time to watch Netflix.

If you still need help with not having time to exercise please reach out and I would love to help you create a time budget.

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