Always Compete

About 2 weeks ago I shared a part of me that I’ve only really shared with 1-2 people before in a post, it was called My Story.  Since I posted that a lot of people have come up to me, called me brave, asked if they could give me a hug and genuinely showed me some love.  Since lifting that huge weight off my shoulders I have started to uncover some more things about myself.

For the longest time I always felt like I needed something to compete in to prove myself.  Powerlifting, CrossFit, and bodybuilding have been things on my check list of things I wanted to prove myself in.  I realize now that this is just a cover for hiding some insecurities that were still lingering within myself that I had to prove myself all the time.  I have nothing to prove to anyone nor myself.   I think a few things that have transpired over the last year have led me to this.

First, I love working out/training for just overall wanting to be fit as I can and be healthy.  I do not need to be able to compete in anything to accomplish those goals and I can stay injury free. 2nd when I am not hyper-focused on some competition deadline I make better progress because there is not the deadline of “oh FUCK, I need to be this by this date at this time” and I oddly enough make better progress.  3rd, I am a Husband and a father who is gone enough as it is working the last thing I need to do is spend more time away from home. 4th and probably the most important I actually love all aspects of fitness and not just lifting so why not do them.

Now lets not get it twisted for 1 second, I am still going to be training my ass off and I will be able to hold my own in any workout thrown my way.  I have some standards for myself as far as what I should be able to do at all times and right now.  Some are missing because I was trying to prove myself to myself.  I thought writing this would be a lot harder than it actually was I am a competitor and I always will be but the game and competition has changed. My game is life and I want to be ready for all aspects of it not just in a singlet or speedo.


PS I still plan on winning the MyTransphormation 8 week Sprint Challenge so don’t get any ideas!

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