A year ago today

What were you doing a year ago today?

Is it similar to what you are doing right now?

Have you advanced from where you were a year ago or are you stuck.

I can tell you a year ago today, I was miserable in the sense that I was unfulfilled in my work, my own personal health and wellness had gone to complete shit and I was at a crossroads.  Over the course of the last year I have made it my goal to get my shit together.  I was becoming a Dad and if I wanted to be a good Dad and continue to try and be a good husband I had to get my mind right.  So I started where I knew I needed to.

My health.

Creating habits around my physical fitness and nutrition is so important for myself.  I have seen this in my clients as well.  You start kicking ass in the gym, eating right, and getting some sleep. Things start to happen, your old confidence in yourself comes back, you aren’t exhausted 24/7, you become more postive and things just seem to start to fall into place.

January- Cut out drinking and started tracking macros.

February- Sutton Elaine born

March- Left Crossfit to ease anxiety of missing a class or being late.  Also grew confident in my ability to train hard again alone.

April- Decided to see what my body was capable of and made the call to train for a bodybuilding show

May- Became a part of 1stPhorm (life changing)

June-Reduced hours at Redbrick Health to focus on growing my brand

July- Another successful Women of Steel Summer Showdown

August- Reduced hours again are Redbrick Health because of personal brand growth

September- 33rd birthday 40lbs lighter than 32nd Birthday

October- Traveled to Michigan to promote my personal brand

November- Reduced hours again at Redbrick Health due to personal brand growth

December- Announced growth of Women of Steel meet, nearly doubling the size.

This all started because I made the choice to get my shit in order with my physical self.  I know if I hadn’t got to that tipping point. I would not be where I am today but at some point we all have a time where enough is enough.  I was sick of talking about it and not being about, I still am.  I am down 45 pounds from a year ago today and I am no where near my end goal.  It takes time but do the work and don’t whine about it.

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