Warming Up

You have started your fitness journey and crushing your workouts day in and day out.  You know you need to work hard in the gym and are doing just that!   Somedays are better than others when you walk in to the gym other days you feel like you got hit by a Dump Truck.   Some people are afraid to work out on the days where you feel every muscle.  A lot of times we can it just requires a great warm up! All workouts should have a great warm up to prevent injury and increase performance.  Here is a warm up I love and use for myself and clients.


  1. General Aerobic Training- Depending on your fitness level this can range from a walk to a slow jog.  The goal of this 5-10 minutes is to increase your heart rate, increase blood flow and my personal favorite is to get your mind prepared for what you are about to do.
  2. Body weight exercises- Pick 2-3 exercises that are opposite of what you are training for the day. An example would be, if you are training upper body you might pick doing 10 Bodyweight Squats, 10 lunges and 10 good mornings.  This will help with any muscle soreness you might have had from the previous workout and also help you get better at the basics by practicing more.
  3. Specific Bodyweight Exercise- Pick 1-2 exercise for the area you are training for this next phase of warm ups.  So, if we are doing an upper body session this part could be a push up or rowing variation for 2 sets of 10-15 reps depending on fitness levels.


That’s it than start getting into your warm up sets for your 1st exercise.  I also suggest if you have had a Reflexive Performance Reset to do your wake-up drills throughout the whole process of warming up.


As always please feel free to shoot me a message with any questions!

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