Client of the Week

1) Tell us about yourself:

I’m a pediatric speech language pathologist at Family Speech and Therapy Services. I love spending time with my family, watching football, singing and dancing (not well but I don’t care), cooking/baking, movie nights, traveling, and doing anything that makes me laugh.

2) What are some of your fitness goals?
My main goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel confident with the way I look. I’ve used to only care about the number on the scale for a while but have recently realized it doesn’t mean everything. It would be pretty awesome to have a six pack too, even if it was only for a day!

3) Whats your why behind your goals?
I just want to be healthy so I can do the things in life that I enjoy. Workouts also really help me to decrease stress and give me some quality ‘me time’.
4) Why did you choose to work with Creative Results?
I was sick of going to the gym, jumping on the elliptical, and not seeing any results. I considered myself skinny fat with very little muscle. I wanted to do strength training but needed help because I was clueless on how/what to actually do.  But the main thing I remember from my first talk with Ray was he told me ‘as long as you don’t eat like an asshole, you will see results’, which is now my favorite phrase when indulge a little. I continue to work with him because I continue to see progress, he holds me accountable, motivates me, and always gives me a workout that kills me.

5) what’s your favorite 1stPhorm Product and why? 

Loop D Fruit with Ignition, post workout. I love the flavor and feel like I recover faster!


Find Kasee’s Favorite:


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