Client of the Week! 

1) Tell us about yourself:

I am 44 yrs old and a real estate agent in Superior, WI. I am married to Ryan Hendry and have a 21 yr old daughter, Riley, who is in her last year of college at Menomonie-Stout. We live for the weekends to spend time with each other and our 2 dogs.  
2) What are some of your fitness goals?

My original fitness goal was to lose weight. I grew up in an era that you weren’t healthy unless the scale reflected it. Having grown up with an eating disorder on top of it, it was a hard hurdle to overcome and look past the scale. Over the past few months, I have changed that thought process around 100%. I now want to be strong and healthy above all else! I want to do it the right way.  
3) Whats your why behind your goals?

My “why” was definitely my husband. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s the honest truth. I was in a rut the size of the Grand Canyon! At one time I was an avid runner, ran many marathons. I loved running. Then I started working 2 jobs, like 2 full time jobs. So when I finally got home, the last thing I wanted to do was work out or run, let alone walk! The couch and tv became my best friend when I wasn’t working. My husband was working very hard on his first body-building competition and he was looking amazing! Quite frankly, I was jealous of him. Jealous of his dedication, his drive and how great of a person he was becoming (both physically and mentally). I took a lot of my anger and jealousy out on him. I’m pretty sure I made life miserable for him. But he stuck by me and loved me regardless. It was almost like he knew how I was feeling and understood. Fast forward to his first competition…..I went to support him and I was so extremely proud of him! Ray was there for moral support and encouragement. After the competition, Ray took a family photo of all of 3 of us (me, Ryan and my daughter). When I saw the picture, I almost fell over! I didn’t even recognize the person I had become! I looked exhausted, depressed and overweight! 3 things I didn’t want to see but was forced to. From that moment on, I decided to make a change. I contacted Ray and started on this new chapter of my life. I started the Monday after and haven’t looked back! Doing this has made my marriage stronger and I like the person that I see in the mirror. I still have a long ways to go but I enjoy every day and look forward to going to the gym. I love bonding with my husband over it, whether meal prepping or just going to the gym together.  
4) Why did you choose to work with Creative Results

I chose Creative Results because I know how dedicated Ray is to his clients. Seeing the transformation of my husband was testimony enough for me. Ray encourages me and also scolds me when I need it.  
5) Whats your favorite 1stPhorm product and why?

I love Loop D Fruit and CTC Phormula-1. I’m also really liking the new Fall gear! 

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