Client of the Week

1) Tell us about yourself: Hi! I’m Janice Stark. 40-something professional data nerd, managing Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud systems for Ameriprise Financial. I live in St. Paul with my husband and our (stupid, diabetic, but very cute) cat. I’m a Minnesota United fan: season ticket holder, Itasca Society member, and Dark Cloud Midway Wanderer. I do a lot of needlework–I embroider, I knit, and I quilt.

2) What are some of your fitness goals? My goals are fairly simple–stay fit, get stronger, and keep the degradation of middle age at bay. Progress toward arms that look like Linda Hamilton’s in Terminator 2. And maybe get to the point of doing an unassisted pull-up.

3) What’s your why behind your goals? My mother’s side of the family has two big health risks–heart problems, and clinical depression. Getting my body moving helps keep both at bay. Additionally, everything else I like to do (needlework, reading, Netflix marathons) involves sitting still for long periods of time, and I should fight that.

4) Why did you choose to work with Creative Results? I met, and started working with, Ray when he was running the fitness center at my employer. I saw tangible results almost immediately–and enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with his workouts, and really focusing on and improving my posture and overall form. I was hooked. Ray does an incredible job of meeting you where you are, then pushing you as hard as possible. When he left and struck out on his own, I was only too happy to follow.

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