What the fitness?

So now that you know what a macro is, now we need to get up in the gym and work on our fitness!

But Ray, I hate the gym and I do not have time for the gym!

Thats fine you can hate the gym all you want and lots of people do not have time to go to the gym! Guess what you can crush it with just your body at home, hell if you are doing it at home you don’t even need clothes! No excuses!

Here is the number one thing I feel you can do when going from zero to hero…….WALK!  10 minutes, 3x a day!  Thats it!

Lets find that 30 minutes

  1. Night before get morning walking clothes laid out next to bed stand
  2. Set alarm 13 minutes earlier than normal
  3. Go walk 10 minutes

Lunch-Lets Assume you have 30 minutes

Eat your Macros in 15 minutes

Walk 10 minutes

Stalk your ex on Facebook for 5 minutes

Late night walk-

Eat dinner with your family after dishes are put away,

Go for a 10 minute walk with your family and talk about your day.

If you chose to go the naked route please do that from the comforts of your home.  Check out my very first Workout Wednesday.  Run through the exercises at a comfortable pace and see how much fun you can have exercising at home!


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